Luxury sunglasses handcrafted in Italy.

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Quantum Gravity designs and makes superior-quality sunglasses handcrafted in Italy. The unique designs, colors, lenses and materials we use to create our sunglasses exceed the quality and style of the best brands in the world. 



We believe timeless design and superior quality products should be available to everyone. Our eyes are a priceless commodity, and we should be able to protect them without paying a fortune. In essence, we strongly dislike two things: poor quality and high prices. Unfortunately, these are two sides of a coin, and you are bound to get one or the other. Why does this status quo exist? Can we design a business that could challenge this? Can we go a step further and also create meaning with design and create a soul in our products? These are the challenges we aspire to resolve every day at Quantum Gravity.



We discovered these challenges have a rather simple solution. To avoid poor quality, we use the best materials and employ the best-in-class craftsmen to make our products. To meet the high price challenge, we break the traditional model of retail, remove retail markups and bring our products straight to you. To create products that have a soul, we make products to bring out the best in you. They reflect you, your personality, your individuality and your soul.



We make sunglasses – high-quality and handcrafted in Italy – and bring them to you at fair prices. We take responsibility for our environment and only work with factories and suppliers with a proven history of fair treatment of employees and environmental responsibility.


We offer superior quality sunglasses at the best possible price by selling online, engaging with the consumer and doing good in the process

Design and Product Cost
Retail Cost

$70 - $80

Made in Italy. High Quality. Large % of cost goes into fine materials and construction


Low Mark-up

$220 - $250


$10 - $12

Made in China. Lower Quality and Mass produced

8x to 10x

High Mark-up – For What?

$80 - $120

Lower quality at higher price

$60 - $80

Made in Europe and Japan. High Quality.

8x to 10x

High Mark-up to cover license fees and distribution costs

$500 - $800

Why do you pay for unnecessary markups?

The Reality: Any eyewear sells at a 8x to 10x mark-up We are determined to challenge it
Coming soon…. Quantum Gravity

How does Made in Italy mean quality?

Just as Milan equates fashion, and Turin is synonymous with the automotive industry, similarly Belluno, Italy has a heritage of fine craftsmanship in making eyewear. We work with historic factories in the Italian Alps to bring our designs to life and are proud to maintain this Italian heritage.


Design philosophy – designed to reflect

Our philosophy is simple. We do not believe in flashy logos promoting the brand. We believe in a design language that puts the wearer first rather than the brand. Our Sunglasses are “designed to reflect” YOU. Every pair is comfortable and functional rather than just a piece of advertisement.



We believe a company should be more than its product. It has to exist to change and improve the world. At Quantum Gravity, making a difference matters more than the bottom line. With every pair you purchase, we donate a part of money to fund Cataract Surgery Clinics around the globe to combat preventable blindness for people who can’t afford basic eye care.